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Browse around for a wealth of information about new kite design(s) from 31-time US national champion John Barresi, each designed to work not only for the various disciplines he enjoys, but also to be almost universally adaptable for pilots of nearly any caliber.  While these kites are available to the general public, they were not created as “products”, they were each designed to fulfill a level of performance and accessibility for our own pilots  – what you see here is exactly what John flies, no mods, no tweaks.

Please say hello to our sponsored pilots on Team KiteLife, appearing at festivals throughout the year.

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Quality, pre-tied, pre-stretched LaserPro Gold line sets are available in our shop!

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Designed by John Barresi and Brett Marchel, the Djinndoor is a championship quality indoor quad line kite that is versatile enough for near zero wind outdoor use and suited to short lines (10-12 ft). Ideal for gyms, courtyards, enclosed backyards and other small urban / suburban spaces.


Designed by John Barresi and Brett Marchel, the Djinn is a high performance quad line kite built for a variety of applications and wind conditions with multiple features to increase overall control, sail loading, durability and ease of use. Read the full description below for more in-depth information and critical details you should know before ordering. NOTE: Colors / models shown as "out of stock" typically ship within 4-8 weeks, custom colors may be longer. All kites signed by JB unless specified otherwise - ask about full suite discounts!


The Kaiju is tailored to extremely light wind or indoor kite flying on short lines.

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Hand tied by John Barresi, these quad line sets are crafted to his specifications exactly the same as you'll find in his own kite bag, ready to hook up handles and go - the best quality line, field proven by top competitors, teams and performers for many years.

Designed to John Barresi's own specifications, these all black aluminum Pro quad handles measure 13" from tip to tip, ready to fly with adjustments included.

Tie-your-own kit for the Pro Leaders that come on our Djinn Pro Handles, comes in black or blue and includes an easy template for accuracy - kit includes FOUR pieces (2 sizes) with plenty of slack to easily tie a full leader set. Also feel free to use our free template image with cored 150# or 200# bridle line if you can source the material yourself.

Quite probably the #1 most used sun protection apparel in any kite flyer's bag. NOTE: If backordered, there may be some wait for us to order from the printer but all orders will eventually be fulfilled.