After two years of development and multiple versions, we’ve finally released the Djinndoor for both indoor and outdoor kite flying on 9′-12′ line sets… The first commercially available indoor quad kite designed by everyday users proficient with them, it offers all the features we wanted to have in our own kite equipment:

  • Icarex PC-31 sail
  • Wear / stretch strips
  • Covered bungee knots
  • Vinyl caps on the bottom tips for floor grip
  • Unique upper bridle to shift leverage for axels

It was a long road with a few “nearly ready” moments but each time, we knew in our gut it wasn’t quite finished and elected to keep working on it until we were truly happy with it – the end result has us learning more about flying, like any good design should.

We’ve already seen a lot of beautiful custom patterns!


Designed by John Barresi and Brett Marchel, the Djinndoor is a championship quality indoor quad line kite that is versatile enough for near zero wind outdoor use and suited to short lines (10-12 ft). Ideal for gyms, courtyards, enclosed backyards and other small urban / suburban spaces.

The perfect accompaniment to our Djinndoor urban / indoor kite.

Designed to John Barresi's own specifications, these all black aluminum Pro quad handles measure 13" from tip to tip, ready to fly with adjustments included.

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