As one of the foremost performers and users of the dogstake since Lee Sedgwick invented the concept in the late 80s, John Barresi worked with Mikey Devereaux to engineer the first fully functional “X” pattern 4-pulley dogstake in 2012 and while it was exceptional, the unit was labor intensive with expensive CNC parts and only 15 or so ever made… Hungering for a more widely accessible unit with higher aesthetic values and simpler use, John has been working with Team KiteLife teammate Geoff Hutton on the 3D design for our totally revamped, 3D printed version called the KŪBE – it is a thing of beauty, and we expect to have what should be (if all goes well) our final testing prototype arriving next week during WSIKF.

Here is your official sneak peek at that design:


Use example from the pioneer of dogstake in 1987…

And more recently, from JB in 2020…

Recent live Facebook video on dogstaking:

Easily the most copied dogstake design in the world, this latest rendition has already provoked words like “clean” and “sexy” on social media… While the limited production original from 2012 was around $600, we are working aggressively to be able to keep the key unit and main screw stake around the price of a Djinn – an excellent value, if you understand the costs involved and potential experience from the pilot’s perspective.

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting loud and clear when its ready and available for general consumption!

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