Ever since we first came in contact with Nils Guhl (and father Torsten) back in October of 2021 (at age 12) we’ve enjoyed watching his journey as a passionate and quickly growing kite enthusiast through the many photos and videos he’s shared since that time, flying in all sorts of urban areas and also showing a proclivity for alternate disciplines like dogstake, team flying and more, he’s quickly become a beloved character in the European quad scene.

Now still only 14 years old, Nils and his father reached out to us this past March with the news that Nils had qualified to represent Germany in the 2023 European Championships Frejus France, and that he’d love nothing more to than to take the Djinn into that space… Deeply honored and moved as his journey awakened memories of JB’s own young start in kite competition, we agreed to start up a sponsorship for him.

Attending multiple events preceding the championships, he voraciously learned from many of the best fliers in Europe and generally expanded his field experience, all the while developing his first ever competition routine.


Designed by John Barresi and Brett Marchel, the Djinn is a high performance quad line kite built for a variety of applications and wind conditions with multiple features to increase overall control, sail loading, durability and ease of use. Read the full description below for more in-depth information and critical details you should know before ordering. NOTE: Colors / models shown as "out of stock" typically ship within 4-8 weeks, custom colors may be longer. All kites signed by JB unless specified otherwise - ask about full suite discounts!    

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After it was all said and done, in unbelievable underdog fashion, he WON the Multi Line Individual (MLI) category against a field of 11 other competitors, some of whom are multi-time EU champions and veterans!

nils' winning routine

Not old enough to drink it, old enough to wear it!

From all of us here at Kite Forge, congratulations Nils – cheers to many more years of fun and success for you!

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