My name is John Barresi, and I am a kite flyer.

The design work here at Kite Forge is driven by nearly 30 years experience in recreational, performance and competition kite flying across 20 countries in just about every environment and condition you can imagine, often in direct cooperation with other passionate fliers such as Brett Marchel (co-designer of the Djinn / Djinndoor) and Geoff Hutton (3D engineer and tester for the KŪBE), along with participation from my other amazing teammates on Team KiteLife.

While these kites are available to the general public, they were not created as “products”, they were each designed to fulfill a level of performance and accessibility for me and my own team pilots so you can be certain what what we sell here is exactly what I fly, no mods, no tweaks, straight from the bag using only the built in adjustments and configurations.

My primary passions are single line glidersdual line and quad line kites flown indoors or out, smoothly or aggressively, in smooth ocean breezes or urban chop, bent around a pole, wingtip to wingtip in formation, in the face of the wind or ultimately snatched right out of the air by your own hand, it never ceases to amaze me how deep the rabbit hole goes and how accessible it is to just about anyone, given decent kite gear and clear information.

The kites you’ll find on these pages are designed and built to help you go as deep as you want into the experience of total airborne control, supported by what I hope will be an ever expanding archive of tutorials covering the whole range of common sport kite disciplines from the absolute basics required for competency up through more advanced topics including indoor, urban, team flying, dogstake and more.

Regardless of where you buy your kites or what you fly, I hope that your experience(s) with Kite Forge and family are useful and inspiring.

Now go fly a kite!


John Barresi
Pilot / Designer


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