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Parts and fittings for all dual line kites in our shop.


Run your dual line kites hard or still learning how to fly? The Gaze is tough but to be prepared for anything, use this page to easily assemble your basic "ready for anything" package includes everything that could potentially and naturally break or wear out on the kite with a bad crash or extended use. Recommendations below!


Replacement carbon spars for each frame component of the Gaze dual line kite, all pre-cut for easy installation.


One ferrule, the joint used to connect the Radius spars in the Gaze leading edge (8cm) or bottom spreaders (12cm).


Angled fittings for the leading edge of the Gaze, connecting them to the upper and lower spreaders when assembled.


Center T fitting used the bottom spreaders of the Gaze connect with the spine when assembled.


Unique Yo Yo Stopper used on the Gaze leading edge, complete with one zip tie - designed to allow solid roll up tricks, additional notches allow a little forgiveness for overly slack lines.


Spike (or "nock") end cap used on the wing tip of the Gaze, complete with tensioner line - designed to provide good tip stabs even on firm earth or hard packed sand.


T fitting used at the bottom of the Gaze spine, complete with 15g + 5g weights.


Fittings for the bottom spreaders of the Gaze, connecting them to the stand offs when assembled. Sold individually.


Vinyl end caps for the nose-end of the Gaze spine and upper leading edge spars.


Simple c-clip, glued on to keep APA and spine fittings in place on the Gaze.


One complete Gaze bridle, all components included.

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