We are extremely thrilled and proud to be the exclusive US source for the Gaze sport kite design by Naomi Tamura (captain of World Champion team Air-Rex), we’ve already gotten a lot of use out of the ultralight (UL) and standard (STD) models but most recently, we got our first batch of the new variable vented (VTD) model and its absolutely beautiful both in function and design…

Heavily vented dual line sport kites end up losing a ton of performance with less snap, sluggish cornering and general loss of “drivetrain” that is required for good precision and stall ability… Amazingly, this is not the case with the Gaze VTD – backed up by a stiffer frame, it offers variable venting with one cleanly designed velcro panel in each wing that can be removed to further decrease pull and make the kite more reasonable in high winds.

With or without the variable vents removed, the Gaze VTD retains excellent cornering, precision and stall ability in every area that I would look for it even in the 18-22 mph wind range… Any pilot will always modify their use of the wind window (stall locations, etc) and reserve some tricks for more appropriate wind but this kite gives me every advantage that I would expect to be possible in high winds while also offering a surprisingly low wind range (down to about 7 mph) and excellent trick ability relative to the wind.

As you may know by now, we don’t lightly add any product to our lineup – everything you find on these pages are all designed or thoroughly vetted by me and my team (full of indoor, outdoor, dual and quad line fliers, both solo and in groups) to successfully fill an actual need in our own kite bags, we don’t add anything just to fill a product niche – each item is carefully selected and suits a specific purpose.

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