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Four piece set of 6" bungees, used on the outer and bottom wingtips of the Djinn, also includes two 4" zip ties used on the outer wingtips.


Package includes four aluminum end caps, four washer sets (8 pieces), four bungees (6” each) and two 4" cable ties, all you need to replace all four wingtips of a Djinn.


One set of three replacement Sync Bridle pigtails for the Djinn quad line kite, includes one center and two shoulder pieces that attach to the leading edge, these components take the most abuse (ground abrasion) and are also the easiest to replace.


One complete Gaze bridle, all components included.


One set of two replacement Sync Bridle top leads for the Djinn quad line kite, these pass through a hole in the leading edge and attach to the T-fitting, these wear out after extreme amounts of aggressive flight (axels, etc).


Package includes a complete set of leading edge bridle components, including 2 top leads and 3 pigtails (2 small, 1 large).


Beautiful 5.55″ x 8″ UV Vinyl sticker, great for windows and RVs.


Beautiful 2″ x 2.88″ UV Vinyl sticker, great for laptops and bumpers.


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