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One ferrule, solid fiberglass joint used to connect the Mystic spars in a Djinn leading edge.


Angled fittings for the leading edge of the Gaze, connecting them to the upper and lower spreaders when assembled.


Center T fitting used the bottom spreaders of the Gaze connect with the spine when assembled.


Unique Yo Yo Stopper used on the Gaze leading edge, complete with one zip tie - designed to allow solid roll up tricks, additional notches allow a little forgiveness for overly slack lines.


Spike (or "nock") end cap used on the wing tip of the Gaze, complete with tensioner line - designed to provide good tip stabs even on firm earth or hard packed sand.


T fitting used at the bottom of the Gaze spine, complete with 15g + 5g weights.


Fittings for the bottom spreaders of the Gaze, connecting them to the stand offs when assembled. Sold individually.


Vinyl end caps for the nose-end of the Gaze spine and upper leading edge spars.


Simple c-clip, glued on to keep APA and spine fittings in place on the Gaze.


Durable T-connector for the Djinn quad line kite, used for the connection between vertical spars and the leading edge when assembled. Each kite uses two of these parts.


High quality aluminum end caps for the Djinn quad line kite, crafted for high durability and excellent function with separate holes for both bridle and bungee. Each kite uses 4 of these parts.


Two piece washer set used for the bottom wingtip bungee connections on the Djinn, each kite uses a total of four sets.

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