What an incredible community response, truly!

We’re pleased to announce the first 50 kites (serial numbered) have already been RSVP’d plus a few more and we’re also working on making pre-tied line sets available for those who want their kites RTF or “ready to fly”, we’ll include information when we follow up with everyone to process actual order and payment sometime in January.

Although all the Kaiju serial numbers are already spoken for, we are still taking order RSVPs for additional kites we’ll need to make in the first round – its not too late to grab one for yourself, just contact us with your choice of colors to get on the list.

We look forward to seeing all of you in action and hope to have a video contest sometime after the first orders have been shipped in February!

In the meantime, a little more urban fun with the Kaiju…

Thanks again to all of you for your support, we are very much looking forward to introducing more exciting kite designs to fliers in the months ahead including the Djinn, our very own quad line offering.


John Barresi

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