The cover photo on this post is major tease (mid-axel) from the new Djinn quad line prototype we’re working on with design features developed through over 25 years of championship flight experience and now we’re nearly finished with what we hope will be the final test builds… If we’re happy with them in the air you can look forward to some sweet vids in the near future and if all goes well, we may very well see shipments going out in April!

I’ve already had great hands-on feedback from two other master quad pilots on the Djinn and what we’re all finding is that while its a familiar platform in terms of the controls, the combination of bridle and sail profile brings in a whole new range of control, recovery, combination inputs, reverse and axel / flic flac ability.

Stay informed –

While I am really excited about everything on the horizon for Kite Forge and our other designs, this is the one I’m absolutely dying to unleash.

Ever onward,

John Barresi

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