The very first full reveal of the new Djinn quad line kite, due to be released sometime this summer!

We’ve already had it out in the hands of around 30 pilots of varying levels and we’re getting very consistent wording in almost all the feedback including “connected” and “balanced”, primarily due to the new dynamic Sync Bridle that we’ve designed for this kite.

I also had an opportunity to compete with the Djinn at the Festival of Colors this past weekend, video here:

Needless to say, we’re very, very excited about this project and are quire overwhelmed at the response we’ve already received from our audience.

We’re not giving a full walkthrough of the kite until we have production underway and don’t have a price yet, but we’ll post more as we know more.

I was moved to talk a little bit about some of the kite’s special details during a live video that just went out on Facebook today – it’s a bit long and the info is interspersed with other topics, but I hope you’re excited by some of what I have to say:

Deep ongoing thanks to all of you for your continued support and interest, we’ll do our very best to keep you in the loop as more information comes through the pipeline.


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