UPDATE: The Djinn prototype is at the factory undergoing initial production builds, we are carefully fine tuning construction details to our specifications (it has to be perfect for all of our in-house pilots), watch this page for more updates but we are hoping to release complete pricing, availability and colorizer info within the next 2-4 weeks, thanks to all for your overwhelming response!

Following up on some private discussions we’ve had with some pilots recently… Kite Forge was not specifically created to make “products”, more so to make kites designed and built to match our own style of hardcore pilots although they are being made available to the public – end of the day, whatever we sell is the exact same thing, unmodified, that you’ll find in the kite bags of our pilots, all made and held to that standard.

They’re also not “better” than other designs, flying is a subjective experience so there is no perfect kite for everyone – but our kites will always meet the performance and durability demands of our own hardcore pilots (John Barresi, Team KiteLife – TKL, etc), first and foremost, a standard that we’re very proud of. 🤘


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