We’re very proud to announce that Kite Forge kites have already taken home THREE national championships in our first year after last week’s AKA Grand Nationals in Shreveport, Louisiana!

AKA Grand National trophies

  • 1st – Open Indoor Unlimited (Kaiju)
  • 1st – Masters Multiline Ballet (Djinn)
  • 1st – Masters Multiline Precision (Djinn)

In addition and to make a clean sweep, I also took home the following championships flying Sky Burner kites and we look forward to bringing that experience forward into some dual line designs of our own in the future:

Lastly on the award front, one more special recognition is now sitting in our office… A brand new award from the AKA titled “Shining Star”, for outstanding promotion of kiting online (primarily for my own efforts and that of KiteLife, but also mentioning Kite Forge) – deepest thanks to all who voted!


Djinn delivery update!

Final note, I’m happy to say that the first box of 32 Djinn are now en route to our office and we hope to have them later this week with more boxes coming every few days – stay tuned for more info about delivery to customers as it becomes available.

Thanks to all for your ongoing patience and support!


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