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Flown with four strings, quad line kites give the ability to pull on any edge of the kite to make it fly forward, backward, hover, spin and with a complete range of speed control. The general attitude of these kites when tuned well in good wind – multidirectional including the ability to stop, land and relaunch with minimal footwork.


Designed by John Barresi, the Djinn is a high performance quad line kite built for a variety of applications and wind conditions with multiple features to increase overall control, sail loading, durability and ease of use. Read the full description below for more in-depth information and critical details you should know before ordering. NOTE: We are currently accepting pre-orders for our second run of 200 kites with shipments expected to go out in early December, all kites will be hand signed by JB unless you specify otherwise in the order notes - also, those who get the suite (ST/MV/VT) in a single order will be eligible for 15% off the XT and HV models when they become available for order.