I’m really happy to announce that after shipping another batch of 47 Djinn to their new owners last week, we are nearly caught up on pre orders with just 31 still pre ordered (as of this writing)… Building 35-45 kites per batch, we hope to be able to start keeping some actual inventory of stock colors on hand sometime in early February..

Here are just a few of the great images we’ve been seeing on the Djinn Owner’s Group and elsewhere on social media:

We were also treated to this pre-Christmas bit of excellence from Jeremy Wharton of the UK, who has been thoroughly enjoying his new custom suite of Djinns:

We’ll keep working to put out more great kites, but in the meantime you’ll be happy to know that the Djinns have been wearing extremely well under extreme use and have not shown any unreasonable weak points – the only replacements we’ve made after lots of high wind and urban flying are the bungees (road wear), bridle pigtails (from leading edge grinding) and the bridle top leads (from incessant axels)… All of that being said, I am personally very proud of both the lifespan and ease of replacement as compared to anything else I’ve flown in the past.

For those who push the limits or if you simply want to be prepared, we now have all possible replacement parts for the Djinn available in the web shop, bridle and wing tip kits are also available as individual components:

As always, deepest and warmest thanks to everyone for your support – here’s to a great year ahead.

John B

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