Year of the Djinn!

After an exciting year on many fronts, we are incredibly honored to have our Djinn [...]

Djinn XT and HV available for pre-order!

Design work on the Djinn XT (extra vent) and HV (hardcore vent) from John Barresi [...]

Nearly caught up on the Djinn!

I’m really happy to announce that after shipping another batch of 47 Djinn to their [...]

Djinn: Easy bridle component replacements!

You’ll be pleased to know that the most common wear points on the Djinn bridle [...]

Championships, delivery…

We’re very proud to announce that Kite Forge kites have already taken home THREE national [...]

Djinn the Works

UPDATE: The first 100 Djinns are now in the stitching process and should begin shipping [...]

Not long now…

UPDATE: The Djinn prototype is at the factory undergoing initial production builds, we are carefully [...]

Djinn full reveal!

The very first full reveal of the new Djinn quad line kite, due to be [...]

Djinn and Juice

Yes indeed, the Djinn prototype sail is complete! We have our final sail design build [...]

First indoor tutorials are ready!

We’re pleased to report that our initial run of kite tutorials covering the very basics [...]

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